Cloistered and careful

Travelling to and from Stensia is treacherous both because of the terrain and the nightmares that stalk outside of civilization. Stensians are a tight-knit people, unaccustomed to outsiders. They are fiercely proud of their traditions and are often seen as out of touch with the times. Once accepted by Stensians, however, they are some of the most generous and friendly people in Innistrad.


Stensia's humans are not an expressive or demonstrative bunch. Countless generations of hardship and proximity to the vampire strongholds – lost children, lost neighbors – have taught Stensians to guard their hearts. They are proud and fervent in their beliefs but seem brusque or even cold to humans from other provinces.

Caution and Precaution

Humans have adapted as best they can to life surrounded by vampires. Almost every Stensian village is surrounded by a shallow moat, because while the moon is out, the moat will keep vampires from trespassing. In small villages, Stensian cottages are usualy arranged around a small grove of hawthorn trees for centralized access to living wood. In larger villages, the cottages themselves are often built around a hawthorn, with the tree's trunk in the center of the common room. Caring for the cottage tree is the oldest child's responsibility. Lastly, almost every Stensian cottage features a mirror on the outside of the front door to dissuade vampires from approaching.

Stensian Traits

  • Ability score Increase

Your Constitution score increases by 2, and your Strength score increases by 1.

  • Age

Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live less then a century

  • Speed

Your base walking speed is 30 feet

  • Farm Raised

You gain proiciency in the Animal Handling skill

  • Mountaineer

You ignore difficult terrain related to rocky terrain, and you have advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks made to climb rocks

  • Vampire Hunting

You gain proficiency with hand crossbows and light crossbows. When making an attack roll with a weapon you are proficient in against a vampire or warewolf, you score a critical hit on a natural 19


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