The everyday life of a Gavoner varies dramatically according to their class.

The wealthy families and clergy live in comfort and safety. Thraben clergy, in particular, have their every need met by the church. The middle classes artisans and merchents are also quite comfortable. But the working class and farmers have a much shorter expectancy; they are more at risk from the dark things of the world, and they suffer from more sickness and famine as well. A Gavoner farmer lives an average of forty year, while a bishop lives closer to seventy.


Church and State

In Innistrad, church and state are deeply interdependent; there is virtually no separation of the two. This fact is truest in Gavony, where the Cathedral of Avacyn towers over the land. Local goverments rely on the power of the Church to keep order and maintain public safety. Often the rule of law is adjudicated by the prelature, lawyers and judges ordained by the Church. Indeed, all education is handled by the Church, although different sects sometimes establish their own schools and training grounds. Except for merchants and artisans, all professions are part of the Church. Even merchants and artisans are governed by fellowships, which must be sanctioned by the Church.


Separation of Class

Saftey is the main commodity in Innistrad, especially in Gavony. The wealthier you are, the safer you can make yourself. THe high walls of the Tharben protect the well-to-do who live inside. Titled families in Gavony have fortified manor houses, while the farmers must make do with the wooden walls of the farmhouses. Because of the lack of physical saftey, the poor spend a larger portion of their income on enchantments and none-physical means of protection.


Gavoner Traits

Having been brought up so close to the Cathedral of Avacyn grants you unique benefits

  • Ability score Increase: 

Your charisma score increases by 2, and one other ability score of your choice increases by 1.

  • Age:

Humans reach adulthood in the late teens and live less then a century.

  • Speed:

Your base walking speed is 30 feet

  • Classical Education:

You have proficiency in the Religion skill. You have advantage on Intelligence (Religion) checks relating to the Church of Avacyn

  • Wanderers ward

As an action, you can bless yourself and one ally for 6 hours. Those affected by the blessing can use a reaction to add 1d4 to their armor class when they are hit with an attack from an undead, vampire, or warewolf creature. After the attack the blessing fades. You regain use of this power after a long rest. When you reach 3rd level, you can bless an additional ally. When you reach 5th level you can bless two additional allies, for a total of 5 including yourself


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